20 Years and Running


Brian McArthur 

Featured Runner. 

Brian is a local Red Deer Runner, who has been taking part in our race for more than 6 years.  Brian run's anything from 5-K's to 100 milers… and he just happens to run almost as fast as a gazelle.. trust us we have been trying to catch him for years.   His personal best is a 2 hours 55 minute full marathon and he hopes to crack the 2 hour 50 minute mark in the future. Brian started running because his girlfriend Dawn is from Boston, and he thought it would be fun to run in the Boston Marathon when they go back to visit friends and family.  

Brian is also an artist, he and his girlfriend Dawn own Voyager Art & Tile here in Red Deer and we have their creative genius to thank for the design on our medals and T-shirts over the past few years. You may also see some of their artwork when you are out on training runs. 

In the 6 years Brian has been running, and participating in the Woody's RV World marathon, he has come to love the course, the participants and of course our world class volunteers.  Brian began running as an activity to do with his loved ones, but he continues to run because of the spirituality it has provided him, he is quoted as saying " running provides me with a connectedness to myself and to others, it makes me one with the earth". His advice to new runners is to start slow and take in every moment, enjoy your surroundings.  

Join Brian and the many other runners at our 20th year anniversary event, May 20th 2018.