20 Years and Running


Featured Runner: Diane Goodwin

Running Mantra: "I'm Moving"

Diane Goodwin is a local runner from Red Deer who has been running for more than 34 years. She completed her first full marathon in 1994, and has run 11 more since. Including the first ever Woody’s RV World Marathon, 20 years ago!   She started running because she wanted to participate in the Terry Fox run in honor of her grandmother who had been diagnosed with cancer. She became addicted to the sport and hasn’t looked back ever since. Diane prides herself in giving back to the sport. She is on the volunteer committee for the Red Deer Marathon Society, the group that organizes the Woody’s RV World Marathon each year.

Diane’s running mantra is “I’m moving” which in her words means: “Running isn’t about your pace or competing against other people. It’s about challenging yourself and meeting some really cool people along the way”. Diane recently had to use her mantra to draw strength when she fell on a trail run and cracked two ribs, but still got up and finished the race. "No one understands you, or the things you do like your running friends". Says Diane.  "My non-running friends couldn’t comprehend why I would do something like that (finish a race injured). My running friends would expect no less of me".

 It’s been 34 years since Diane started running and there is no end in sight. "Maybe one day I will have to hang up my sneakers and say I’m done, but until then you will find me out there listening to my music and putting in the miles with a smile on my face. That’s my happy place. I thank God every day for a healthy body, and intend to make good use of it".

 Diane intends to participate in the half marathon at the 2018 Woody’s RV World, Red Deer Marathon. You can catch her out on the Red Deer trails training, or come down and cheer her on as we bring home our 20th year of the race on May 20, 2018.